Mobility and Multimedia Cluster

OTP Hungaro Projekt PMSZ Körkapcsolás Carpathian Region Business Network

Barnabás Málnay has a soft spot for seeing exciting businesses grow and thrive around him. As head of the Hungarian Mobility and Multimedia Cluster’s management office and biz dev director at AVEC Accelerator, he is fortunate to see enough of that on a daily basis. He cannot complain. Before joining MMCluster and AVEC, he was director of external relations and development at spicy Kitchen Budapest. He studied social and political theory at ELTE and CEU in Budapest, and at Stanford University, where he also worked as a teaching assistant and instructor in various teaching programs.

Gabriella Kiss is MMCluster’s event coordinator and office manager. Her quest is to make the Cluster’s copious events smooth and fun. When taking a break from this, she coordinates the Budapest New Tech Meetup and the Free Software Conference (why not do some more events), and devours literature with an insatiable appetite.

Alexandra Horváth is project manager and grant writing consultant at MMCluster. She works on turning new project ideas into reality, and on making innovative initiatives happen. Her work is also her hobby: she is writing her PhD dissertation on innovation management and technology transfer.

With the impulse of a wet-nosed puppy and the deliberateness of a businessman, Márton Beck pounces on every story that has the potential to change the world. In the past 6 years, he has been doing the pouncing in the field of ICT, working with companies of all sizes on their communications challenges. He has been helping MMCluster and its members to conquer the world since 2012.

Márió Andor is social media manager at MMCluster. The zesty world of social communication has always attracted him. He holds in high regard useful and valuable content as much as accurate information and good work for a worthy community. Fortunately, he has a chance to put all this together at the cluster. Earlier, he was a copywriter at a mayor’s office, helped build city brands, and worked for different radio stations as an editor. Besides MMCluster, he does social media management for other organizations as well.

Áron Boros has worked for the Financial and Consulting industries for 15 years at senior management level. He joined OTP Hungaro-Project as General Manager in 2004. The activities of OTP Hungaro-Project include providing its corporate clients with a wide range of consultancy services. During the work process, they look for the most appropriate solutions for the corporate and startup clients in the fields of project financing, innovation- and financial risk management. The company has its own consultancy network in the CEE region based in Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Croatia. OTP Hungaro-Project has recently introduced a B2B program linking startups and corporates, which is currently unique in Hungary.

David Varga puts enthusiasm and energy into things he’s doing in order to keep the flow going around projects. He believes in achieving fast but sustainable results by doing business differently. He is continuously looking for disruptive technologies, methods, people and teams to work with and incorporate the different views he can learn from them. David also advise startups and help them to succeed in surviving the “valley of death” by implementing lean and other waste reducing methods, revise and rebuild their business model and put a managerial mindset into the world of code ninjas and rockstar programmers.

Pal Honti, owner and CEO of Mimoza Communications, Roza Györffy, head of account and Adri Bodor, service desiger at Mimoza believe in the joy of discovery and sharing. Their works always follow the principle of Leonardo da Vinci: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. They contribute to the TechShow 2014 with unique ideas, designs, a microsite and organizational tasks.