Aero Glass

Flight safety improvement app designed for Google Glass. Aircraft pilots see all the relevant flight information in 3D, without interrupting the flow of the driving process.


Automatic home brewery system to help you make your own, high quality beer in a fast, cost-efficient way. The appliance does all the hard work, so there is nothing else left but to enjoy your creation.


Smartphone app and supporting service for peer-to-peer payments. Customers use their smartphones for the full transaction process. Immediate, simple financial transfer without the usual, unnecessary fees.


A unique call encryption solution, implementing the best available technology regarding data security and certification. It prevents calls and short text messages from getting tapped. It also ensures that the communication cannot be decrypted. This way, it provides protection for both private and business users in compliance with legal regulations.


A modular, indoor lighting solution. Its key advantage is that it can flexibly adapt to changes in the user environment and also enables remote control in both static and mobile settings.


An app for digitizing receipts easier than ever before. Following a one-step scanning process, print invoices are turned into structured data that will be transmitted to the bookkeeper or the data management software. This way, the least possible amount of manual labour will be needed for the process. The whole database of incoming and outgoing invoices becomes available electronically for further use.


A display that uses glowing bacteria to indicate the user’s real-time level of carbon dioxide emission. The genetically modified bacteria serve as a durable light source, combining the power of nature with the world of human innovation.

iFirefighter Suit

Real-time remote monitoring application with embedded sensors. Providing firefighters with cost-efficient protection even under extreme conditions. A signaling device built into the regular firefighter uniform enables ongoing remote monitoring of the firefighter units on duty.


Competence-based video interview platform to aid and accelerate the recruitment process of new employees. The system supports the daily job of HR professionals, while it also ensures higher flexibility for job seekers than regular face-to-face interviews.

Karma Platform

The software transforms Excel data sets into online business applications. It makes it radically easier to create complex ERP systems. Users may request features in Excel format, which will then be translated into the desired form by the Karma platform.

myTREZOR backend

Web-based service for safety deposit storage of Bitcoin accounts. It works as a simple, easy to use and secure online ’wallet’ for Bitcoin-based transactions and deposits.


Decision support service for marketing / PR / product owner teams, based on a monthly subscription plan. Users can access the system via web browsers. The system provides automated text analysis of online data, like articles, blog posts, comments, and social media entries.


Real-time management system for standalone machines like ATMs and ticket dispensers. Integrates models from different manufacturers into one system, increases the security and uptime of the machines, and predicts their problems.

Plant as a Service

A modular system for herbs and spices, freeing users of all maintenance tasks. You can grow plants in your own kitchen, even in a single drawer, without the hassle of plastic bags and waste management duties.


A surface built of intelligent tiles that transmit data, processed and analyzed by the software component of the system, providing useful information about pedestrians’ behaviour.


Cloud-based app for user community testing, connecting mobile app developers with smartphone owners around the world who are eager to test new products. It supports controlled business processes with up-to-date tools to create the most efficient global test service environment currently available.


Video analytics based navigation solution for people with visual impairment or blindness. A wearable device signaling physical obstacles and helping the user avoid them.